German Medical Assistant

By Emmanuel Okyne

(Tuesday February 9, 2010) The Wamagriso Community Primary School in Mambo village on Thursday received a German medical assistant, Helga Janz, who promised to help the community.
The German medical is here on the invitation of the proprietor of the school, Maria Walz, who has built a four-classroom school building and is in the process of completing another six-classroom structure for the community.
In this welcome statement, Charles Tanga, head teacher and head of administration, said he was very happy to welcome Helga Janz to the Wamagrison Primary School and thanked her for taking the time to make the visit.
He thanked the German people for their good works in the country over the year and especially for proving the school for the community.
He admonished Mrs. Janz to assess the needs of the children for ways of assisting them in future.
He went further to say that the entire community is prepared to do everything to make the school into one of the best in the country.
In outlined some of the constraints of the school including its remote location and bad roads for the attention of the visitor.
Helga Janz said she is very happy to be here to see for himself what she can do to help the school and community.
She told them to be very grateful to Maria Walz for her good works in the community and admonished the children to take their studies seriously.
In an exclusive interview with Helga Janz, she told Premier News that she is very happy to be In Sierra Leone as this is one of her first visits to Africa.
She praised Maria Walz for her good works in the Mambo village, close to Lakkah on the outskirts of Freetown and disclosed that she is here to see how best she can help the needy in the community.
She said on her return to Germany, she is going to meet with sponsors to see how best they can invest in the area of health services for the community.
She also promised that since she is in the medical field she will see how best she will convince more doctors and nurses to come to Sierra Leone and help in the health sector.
Helga Janz also visited the Mamba dam that was constructed by the Wamagriso community Development Project.
A cultural performance also climaxed the visit while a gift was handed over to the head teacher for the school.


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