Minister Jah Inspects Wamagriso School

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In Sierra Leone, Minister Jah Inspects Wamagriso School
By Augustine Samba
Sep 27, 2011, 17:04

"The Deputy Minister of Education Science and Technology, Dr. Alhaji Alghassimu Jah last Friday visited and inspected the Wamagriso Community Primary School at Mamba village, in the Western Rural District.

The Wamagriso School, the only primary school in the community, was constructed in 2009 by a German Philanthropist, Madam Maria Walz. The aim is to provide basic quality education for Sierra Leonean children in deprived communities.

During his visit, the Deputy Minister inspected the school and all the facilities in the compound. The minister commended Proprietress Maria Walz for complementing government efforts in the area of education. He referred to Madam Walz as a wonderful humanitarian for promoting deprived community. Minister Jah noted that the Wamagriso School is one of the best primary schools in the Western Rural Area for providing free basic education.

In an exclusive interview with the Awareness Times, Madam Walz said, during her first visit to Sierra Leone, the Headman of Mambo Community asked her to help them. Upon the request, the initiative of constructing a primary school came to her mind.

She disclosed that the school was constructed by her own bonafide cash with the community people providing the labour force. “I constructed this school because of the love I have for children especially derived ones who are talented. Helping them to get education will improve the nation,” Madam Maria Walz said.

She stated that her intention is for the community to run the school but she later realised that they were not capable to do so. She disclosed that all the running costs, including the payment of teachers and their NASSIT contributions come from her own pockets alone. She said she always travel from Germany to Sierra Leone to ensure that her school is running smoothly.

To enhance and improve the school, Madam Walz said she recently found an organisation called the Wamagriso Organisation. She noted that she is both the president and founder to solicit funds from humanitarian organisations and governments to run the school. “If all goes well, this school will be reflected in other communities in Sierra Leone. I am appealing to the government to approve the school as I alone will not be able to continue running it in the near future,” Madam Maria Walz said.

The Coordinator of the School, Mr. John Sesay said the school is running free of cost basis, although very recently the parents agreed to pay a stipend of 5,000 Leones per term. Mr. Sesay informed that the school provides text books, note books, pens, pencils, crayons, rulers, mattresses, play toys and many other teaching and learning materials. He said the school has a library, safe drinking water facility and conducive learning environment.

Mr. Sesay said Proprietress Maria Walz has always provided used clothes for the pupils at the end of the academic year.

He revealed that the authority has recently provided safe pipe borne drinking water for the Mambo Community. He disclosed that sometimes European tourists would visit the school and even teach the pupils. The Proprietress and the Coordinator are asking the government or kind organisations to deliver supports to facilitate the smooth running of the school"


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